The First Blog is the Shallowest

When entering the Blogging World, how does one decide where to start ?  You read through tons of thought provoking or witty threads hoping to find some inspiration, without becoming a copycat.  The more you read about someone’s deep emotional journey or their fiery political crusade, the less adequate you feel with your vocabulary and vernacular.  I feel intimidated by the seemingly confident bloggers out there in Cyberspace tackling issues ranging from Music Reviews to Iraq Service Time Reflections.  How am I supposed to compare to that?

I guess I’m not.  I am me; a silly, somewhat well rounded, simple thinker, and I think its okay that my writing will reflect that.  I want to write about the Joys of Disneyland, the struggles of working on my golf game, and the camaraderie that is created when you slip a funny movie quote into conversation at a bar.  These are the things that intrigue me.  This is the stuff that makes me grin with joy, and sit back with a smile.

As a child, my imagination soared, as I wrote great little shorts about girls in trendy outfits and with cool names.  Think “Babysitter’s Club.”  It was so easy to let the pencil go and just write a story about something I imagined to be true.  As an adult, it’s so much more difficult to let the pencil run free.  I don’t know about you, but I constantly worry that a friend or family member (often the root of my inspiration) may interpret my creative garble as a stab at them, or worse, recognize themselves in a dramatically over exaggerated tale of debauchery or poor moral compass.  Can we ever truly let go of those insecurities (or general overkill of regard for other’s feelings) and just let it out?  Great, now I’m pulling a Carrie Bradshaw.  If the shoe fits….

Please enjoy my journey as I rediscover my writing voice and ponder the simplicities of life.  Or skip it, your golf game could probably use some work.


2 thoughts on “The First Blog is the Shallowest

  1. Amy Isaman says:

    You’re seriously questioning your vocabulary when you use the words vernacular and debauchery in the same post?

    Loved it and can’t wait to read more. On another note, Patti has a screenplay idea she wants us to collaborate on. It’s the story of her and her English friend Gram and their “friendship.” It’s actually a great story! I’m super excited to read your blog – great job!

  2. Amy Isaman says:

    Also, add the widget (or whatever its called) that lets me get your blog posts by email so I don’t miss any – thanks!

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