Nice is my purpose

I wake up every morning happy because I love my life, but a little bit sad because I don’t have my dog. Harveygave me purpose.  He was the reason I woke up each morning, and the reason I raced home after work each day.  It’s been nearly five months since I lost him, and while I don’t miss vacuuming and sweeping and having to share the bed, I really miss vacuuming and sweeping and having to share the bed.

I woke up early today after an odd dream aboutHarvey, and felt empty.  I had a moment of “I have no purpose right now.”  It is summertime and all I do is go to work and plan weddings and come home.  Sure I have hobbies; Bike riding, Golf, Baseballing, but what is my PURPOSE if I don’t have someone to walk, feed, snuggle, and care for?

So I got up and baked.  Fella is headed to the A’s game with some friends and of course I can’t go because it’s wedding season, so I decided to make them some tailgating treats.

As I measured flour, preheated the oven and greased a baking dish, I felt content.  Doing nice things for others gives me purpose.  Surprising my favorite guy with some homemade treats and getting a big hug and kiss for them made me feel good again.  Sure it wasn’t the “thump, thump, thump” of a big furry tail that I miss so dearly, but it felt just as good, and I didn’t have to vacuum after he left.

To everyone that I have ever done something nice for; thank you for allowing me to do so.  It gives me purpose.  We all need a purpose.


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