Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom,

Boy, is this site dusty. I haven’t posted anything for two years.  I’m sorry I didn’t write to you last year, I was busy driving to Vegas to test out a potential dream.  It didn’t work out, and in hindsight, it wasn’t supposed to.  We have a lot of catching up to do Mom, so here we go.

2015 to 2016 was weird. I moved back to Stockton early in 2015. I wasn’t flourishing in SLO and I felt like it was time to come home and regroup.  I didn’t like it at first, but I got into a rhythm   I started spending my time with lots of old friends from my college and Brookside days.  Nobody would hire me, so I started a business that is still going strong today.  I help people “get shit done” whether it be in their home or office.  I love it, I’m good at it, and it satiates my need to purge, clean, and organize.  Oh, and it’s even profitable!

In 2015 I became friends with one of the most wonderful families you could ever meet. They are close friends with some other dear friends and we have cultivated a beautiful Framily that spends incredible moments of time together.  Mom, they saved me.  I was struggling with being alone and home.  After spending months with Bill and Kelly and the boys, it was very hard to come home to Stockton.  Everywhere I looked, my friends were knee deep in kids, careers, and the other demands that life presents.  There aren’t a lot of single people circles to fall into here and for the first time in a long time I didn’t feel alone, I felt lonely.  Painfully lonely.  I am so grateful for this unit of people.  We definitely came into each other’s lives for a reason, as I needed a local family, and little did I know at the time, they would need family strength and support down the road.  One of the families in the group just came home from Boston, where they spent seven weeks treating their four year old for Cancer.  Although this chapter sucked for them, it has been incredibly fulfilling for me to be able to be there for them.  Anna and I snuck in several times and cleaned their house.  It felt like a very Sharon thing to do.  Anyway, this group has given me purpose again, and I can’t imagine my life without them.  I spend lots of my free time with them and the grand total of this hodge podge is five grown-ups, five children, four dogs, and one cat.  It’s entertaining and fulfilling in ways you can’t even imagine.

I’m still having dinner with Gram every week. We’ve been doing it since I came home.  Rain or shine, I’m there for dinner on Wednesday nights.  Sometimes we do Sunday breakfast, but either way, it happens.  I always pop into your bedroom and say hello, I chuckle every time I see your stuffed kitty and sparkly ballcap.  Gram is slowing down, but she’s still going strong.  She sold the Motorhome!  She said it was time, she didn’t want to fall down in it and break a hip.  If anyone asks, she could still drive the damn thing just fine!  We had a good time watching all the presidential debates and coverage together.  I got her set up with DVR so she can record all her favorite shows.  She’s in Heaven.

2016 was a good year. I moved into my own place and it feels so therapeutically good to be in my own space and unpacked after that short period of living like a gypsy.  You’d love the house, it’s old and adorable, just like the house in Linden.  I get to work from home with the job that I took last February.  Like I said in the beginning, the Vegas thing wasn’t supposed to work out.  I was supposed to get this new job, I was supposed to stumble upon this rental, and I was supposed to spend this chapter of life here in Stockton.  I’m in a Leadership group that’s brought me spectacular new circles of friends, and we are working on an awesome community service project with the Downtown Library.  It’s more fulfilling than I ever imagined, and they appreciate my cartwheels.  Oh, by the way, can I give your piano to the Library?  Cool, thanks!

I’m excited for 2017. I’ve got a few unique goals for the year, and I know you’ll like one and hate the other.  I’m going to learn to play the Harmonica, and I am going to apply for and use my very first Passport.  Not sure where I’m going yet, but I promise to be safe, frugal, and smart.  A dear friend of mine just finished her LPGA Class A certification, we are going to plan a few golf trips which should help with my ongoing golf goals.  I’m going to be a 16 handicap by 2020, mark my words!  I know it’s a ways off, but I want to start saving for my 40th birthday celebration adventure which will consist of 40 charity golf tournaments in the year of my 40th birthday!  Isn’t that fun?  Anyway, I have to start saving for it now, so I might as well work on my game too.  Maybe I’ll get my LPGA Class A after that, who knows?

Ok Ma, time to wrap it up. In a nutshell, I’m feeling (almost) content and doing good, slowly working upwards towards feeling happy and doing great.  Some days are harder than others, but I’m learning to navigate this new me fairly well.  I miss you, especially when I don’t know how the heck to cook something, or when I want to share how well things are going with work and Leadership Stockton, and everything else that I am so grateful for in this chapter of my life.

Love you Mom.

Happy Birthday Mom.

Happy Heaven Arrival Anniversary Mom.

Your grateful kid,

Kare Bear